Happy New Year, a month late

Dude, it's no joke! Time flies when you're having fun.

This year is already ripping by and it feels like it just began. Jessica and I got married in January and things have been a rollercoaster ride since then.  Our wedding was an amazing time and thanks to everyone who helped out and played a part in such a rad time. Here's a pic of me and my wife enjoying our first day of marriage.


The first week back in the studio, I made this window covering for a client's house. I used up most of the rest of the pattern prints I made a while back, but now have a better idea of what I want to do with some new larger ideas and patchwork arts.


I've also got some artwork at this group show at The Parlor here in Austin. Should be a really good time, hope you can make it out. Thanks to Heather Sundquist for inviting me to participate.


Studio is kind of a mess right now, but that means things are getting done! Stop by sometime and hang out at the shop, I'm here just about every day.



These koozies and some patches will be for sale at Old Man Jam Box's grand opening party this Friday.

Click on the Facebook event for more information




As always, get in touch for projects, this year has a lot of room

End of Year update


What a wild year it's been.
Ups, downs and still a bit to come. I've been happy to work with and meet so many rad people over the past few years of doing my own thing, I'm excited to see what next year holds.

There's a ton more going on, as always, but I'm gonna take a little break for the holidays and get charged up about making stuff in the New Year. Cheers to the rest of the year!

Old Crow Austin

I've been working with my buddy Adam Young on a website to display his arts and build projects. Keep an eye on his site over the next year to see updates on his fine craftsmanship and folk inspired artwork.





I've been slowing getting better on the sewing machine and I'm excited to share some new collaborations coming down the line. Here are a few recent ones from the desk. I'm slowing down on custom orders to focus on some larger projects, but don't hesitate to ask. You never know...



Also, check out a couple shirts I helped design for the homies over at Monofonus Press and Astral Spirits. Go buy one for super cheap


Into Quarterly


We checked out the launch of a new rag featuring creatives from a featured city. The first issue was made about Austin and I'm proud to have a couple works in there. Buy the book at the link below to see some rad works and read some writings.

Click here for more information



Thank you, Busy-Being


Thanks to Amber at Busy-Being for including me in As Above So Below, an art and patch show at the shop. Also a huge thanks to Kris Chau for letting me sling my patches alongside her rad artwork.


Thanks for coming out Austin homies. If you didn't make it, you can check out the show throughout the last weekend at EAST.

If you can't make it by the show, you can view the artwork and patches online here.




Patch work available

As Above So Below

Kris Chau is coming to Busy-Being next week for "As Above so Below" an exhibition during the East Austin Studio Tour

Join at the reception on Thurs. Nov.12 from 6-9pm along with Hello Maseman and his latest collection of handmade patches and embroidered goods!

Back in the shop

Very proud to announce an upcoming show with Alex Bond at Bearded Lady General in the month of October.
Sign up for their newsletter and look for show details in the coming month.

I'm glad to be back in the shop this month. I've got a few projects in the works, but I'm working on lining up some collaborations for the rest of the year and 2016.


Colorado Dreaming

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

I guess it wasn't really that strange.

A huge thanks to Jesse and Diana for hosting us at Serpent's Head in Colorado. It was a good long break from work and a complete reset from technology. I'm glad to be back, but it will take a while to get this rad trip off my brain. We had fun biking, building and beer drinking up in the mountains. We celebrated Andy's 40th birthday and ate great food.

Here are some photos I took - - - >

Patterns and textures

Things are moving along over here at the studio. I haven't had much time to update the blog these past few months since we've moved into our new place. We've been really enjoying the new spot and the new neighborhood. We feel super lucky to have found such a rad spot. More on that soon.

Here is some internet content for your hungry brains.

Custom Chucks

Here are another pair of custom shoes I made as a gift to a special Converse client.

These were a ton of fun to make, I ended up using acrylic paint to make a pattern across these fresh red Chucks..


Earlier this year, my younger sister Molly, who is an art teacher and rad artist, gave me a demo on using a sewing machine.

I have always loved making hand painted patches and I wanted to sew the edges to make them more presentable.

I liked using it so much, that I ended up practicing enough to make some crappy embroidered patches of my own. I'm not sure where this new venture will take me, but all I know is that I'm having a bunch of fun using the machine.

Sonic Transmissions

I worked with Ingebrigt to design and make some promotional material for his upcoming project, Sonic Transmissions, a three-night show featuring a diverse range of musicians. Make sure to check this one out.

Seafoam Records

My buddy Josh plays in Crooks needed a logo for his new record label coming up, so this is what we came up with. Crooks is playing a show in support of their new album this Saturday at Scoot Inn.

Other news

I've got a couple other big jobs going on at the moment, but I can't spill the beans on them quite yet. I hope to be able to show off some of this rad new work sometime soon. Until then, take care and see ya when I see ya.

Tag team back again

Very honored to have painted and designed this rad mural for Spredfast, a media company here in Austin. What we came up with is a mash of viral media and ideals of the company. It turned out to be a rad splash of color and images for their new offices. I was happy to have some help from local artists Alex Bond and Theresa Moher.
We cranked this mural out in three days. They were long and we got stuck in a Texas storm one day, but we made it through with smooth sailing. The outcome came pretty dang close to the Photoshop mockup, so for that we are thankful.
Here is a detail of a piece of the mural.
Theresa knocking out the details.
Here is Alex working on some detail work.