Forestbound Shirts


Check out the Forestbound collaboration that I worked on this past year. We came up with a few different graphics to be printed on some shirts.



You can now view and buy them online. They were printed by hand in their Boston based studio on super soft, pre-distressed t-shirts.

Forestbound uses exclusively found and salvaged textiles to create a line of durable, utilitarian tote bags. Alice Saunders, a Boston-based designer, puts great effort into hunting for well-worn historic fabrics and hardware throughout New England. Many hours are dedicated to working with these unique materials to ensure every Forestbound Original is one of a kind.

Take a look at the Forestbound website for more information and to view their rad custom made bags.


Flowers and styling by Foret Design Studio
Photos by Henry & Mac
Modeling by Lexy Fournier


That time of year again


You know what I’m talking about. Your personal space is starting to shrink as people clog traffic and make your everyday Austin-shitty-traffic twice as bad. Hopefully, all goes smoothly this year and everyone has a good time.

Some stuff going on and happening out there.

End of an Ear artwork

Tim Kerr invited Jessica and I to put up some artwork at his annual show at End of an Ear. I’ve been lucky to get to know Tim this past year and I’m happy to have the experience of meeting such a rad dude. Go check out the show and buy some records.

Photo from Tim’s Facebook

This is Starting to Fade

Checked out Chris Bilheimer’s show up at Bearded Lady this past weekend. It was a pretty awesome turnout and the Polaroids were awesome. If you didn’t get a chance to check this one out, it will be hanging for the rest of March. There are a few of these digital photo reproductions up for grabs for free. Come snag one before they are all gone.

Photo on 3-16-15 at 8.33 AM #2

You’re Here

I helped out Attendance Records again this year with a little bit of artwork for their show this year. Go see some rad bands and support these guys. They are doing some rad things.

South By Spent Working

I’ve got quite a bit of work outside of SXSW going on right now, but I’ll be doing a cool project during the festival. I’ll tell ya about it once I get some photos and make it through.


Hardly Working


This year is kicking off with some projects with Forestbound, Old Crow Custom Works, Bearded Lady, Converse and Bow Thayer. I just wrapped up a week of working with Kartwheel Co. where we demo’d and renovated a downtown music venue and bar. I was stoked to be a part of the project, even though it was a challenge physically at 78 hours in 6 days. Phew!

Glad to be back clicking this mouse around in my studio. More updates to come soon.


Here is a sneak peek of some goods I’m working on with Forestbound, more on this soon.

You can now shop the Busy Being Texas Makers Market online. Click here to get some goods.

Just posting

Felt like posting up some photos.


Out towards Clint’s place.








Land working.




Land’s work.




Down here in Texas, we’re not used to going weeks without seeing that big orb in the sky. We were glad to see it pop out from behind the grey clouds yesterday, so I thought I’d do a blog post to commemorate.

The year is in full swing and I’ve got a bunch of irons in the fire, but feel free to let me know how I can help you out this year on some art and design projects.

A few updates to share:


Serigraph Show
At Bearded Lady with PrintAustin

Friday, January 16th, 6 – 9 PM

Read a write up about PrintAustin

Don’t forget to check out the goods and prints in the Bearded Lady shop while you’re there. I’m going to be working on some new goods available through Bearded Lady this year.


Work at Counter Culture

I’ve got a few paintings hanging out at Counter Culture for the rest of January and February. Go by and get a vegan bite and check out the rest of the rad artists who have artwork hanging, as well.


Upcoming show in Los Angeles

If you live in LA, make sure to hop over and check out this show by LAND Boys. I’ll have a few goods in the Texas Makers Market along with a bunch of patches. Stoked to be a part of this one, for sure and wish I could make it.

LAND Boys and Texas Makers Market

If you’re in Los Angeles, check out this event curated by the one and only Amber Abramson of Busy-Being. I’ll be sending some new goods that I’ve worked on to be a part of the Makers Market that will be on display along with the artwork of the rad homies at LAND.

Busy-Being is excited to present a solo exhibition by the LAND boys; artist duo Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt for their first ever Los Angeles show. Alongside the exhibition will be a Texas Makers Market featuring goods by: Cobra Rock Boot Company / Fort Lonesome / Botanicals Folklorica / Ana Klausmann / Traveller Denim Co. / Mason McFee / Fortuna Monsoon / Marfa Brands / Miranda Bennett Studio / Folk Fibers / and PFAU

Here are some goods I’ll have at the market:




Happy New Year


Welcome to 2015.

Last year was a roller coaster of the best highs and the lows of freelance design work. My work took me to San Francisco and New York in the same year, and I collaborated with the type of companies and projects I’ve wanted to since the beginning of my career. Along with a multitude of rad shows and gigs working with a wide variety of people, we made it another year.

Cheers to all who have pushed me along the way.

2015 is a mystery as to what projects will come along, but early this year, I will have a select group of products for sale at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles, curated by Busy-Being a shop here in Austin. This particular project has pushed me to create my own line of goods, mostly printed materials and patches sewn onto selected vintage clothes and hats.

Stay tuned for updates :)

Thanks and more thanks

Huge thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us at Bearded Lady for Public Private.

We had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone of you. If you didn’t make it out, you can stop by the shop and see the work for the rest of the month of December.

Check the Bearded Lady website for shop hours

Photo by Rich Cali

Black and white updates

I’ve been working on some fun projects, but none are ready to show yet! Here are a few shots of some things I’ll tell you about soon! Hope you had a great extended weekend for Thanksgiving and are ready for the final push of the year. Let’s knock it out with a bang!

*Don’t forget the art show this Friday, details here