News, news, news

I’ve been neglecting my web log because I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on in my world. Here’s an update in real life stuff that’s been going on. I’m hoping to start bringing more random updates on projects I’ve got in the works, just too busy to get them in just yet. Here’s the big stuff right now:

I proposed to my best friend. We’re gonna get married. That’s big news right? We’ve been together for a long time and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

I also started a new job/apprenticeship with a builder in town to fill to gaps in my freelance art and design world. It’s a part time position, so I still have time to do my art and design work, but it is going to inspire me to do new and bigger things.

I’m working on some new swag to be printed up including some one of hats, patches, and some screen printed shirts and stuff. Stay tuned for these as there will be very limited quantities.


Thanks to the good people working to put on FELIZ, I got to make a card for their upcoming event November 2nd at The Palm Door here in Austin. Thanks for the fun project! See you all at the event.

I’m also working with Jessica on a zine to be included in the Graffix Festival in Antwerp. Good Press our friends across the pond are entering the fest and taking a bunch of pages from people around the world so that participants can make their own bootlegged zine.

As always, if you’ve got something rad going down and need some art or design, contact me! Let’s finish off the year right and make something great.

Project LOOP Mural

Tribeza put on a benefit for Project LOOP at Revival Cycles this year. Three artists painted murals for the event, which are planned to be installed in the LOOP warehouse down the line. I was lucky to be one of those artists.


Here’s a quick rundown of the events and happenings.

Brian Phillips and Tim Kerr were the other two artists involved, both super rad guys who are always pushing the envelope and making stuff here in Austin and beyond. Here they are in a picture from a show in San Antonio earlier this year.

10628035_10152214186190881_8773024449648264942_n(Photo: Amanda Claire Miller)

Brent Humphreys put a lot of effort into making the event a success, pictured with Tim and inky hands in this photo:


I made a sketch to try and get an idea of what I wanted to do. The idea was to just kinda “Go with the flow.” and make a colorful piece.

We met up out in Taylor to work in the LOOP warehouse because we’ve been getting a lot of rain lately. It was a pretty cool set up to be hanging and painting in the middle of small town Texas with Tim Kerr. We worked the day and then painted a bit together at the event the next night.




Thanks Tribeza and Project LOOP!

American Canning


Very happy to have helped the good folks at American Canning get a new website up. We worked with their existing brand and cleaned up a few things, but focused on creating a simple site. We came up with a few new brand graphics to start to shape the brand and did some photography of the cans.



Visit the site:

American Canning

Beer, horses, wood and tapes

Yep, we’re in Texas. I’ve been sweating away with the rest of the folks down here this summer. Very happy to have been working with American Canning and Kartwheel Co. on some projects that will be coming to life very soon. I’ve got a bunch of rad things coming up to finish off the end of the year, so get in touch if you have anything cool to work on!

In the meantime check out some work below and go to these rad events:

A sneak peek of the first round of Astral Spirits tapes. We stuck with a super simple design so the tapes have a cohesive look and hopefully push people to collect them as they are released.


Some of the tapes will come with a mini-poster.


Pick these tapes up and go see some rad bands:

Astral Spirits and Monofonus Press
Two nights of music at Hotel Vegas and Scoot Inn



Healing for Horses
Fundraiser at Yellow Jacket

Make sure to get out and support this rad cause coming up at Yellow Jacket Social Club.

Healing with Horses Ranch is a 501(c)(3) therapeutic riding facility that provides safe, affordable, Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) to individuals with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges to promote healing and independence.