TGIF on Thursday

A few updates while I have a little time to spare.

Fusebox Festival
Grateful to have been able to help out with this project for the team over at Fusebox. They coined the term Free Range Art, since the event is free this year, so I came up with this chicken in a football helmet graphic for some t shirts and a program guide. I also helped make some templates for their festival program. Get out and check out the festival.


Laura at Olive asked me to come by and help add a touch to her newly repainted shop. This was a super fun day out in the perfect weather. She’s working on a new sign for the front, but stop by soon and see the work and her rad shop.


I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, trying to get ready for a slew of projects coming up. Hopefully, I’ll have some cool items for sale around Austin and a few other places very soon.




Making and shaking

I added a few sculptures to the artwork page. Now that the weather is nicer, I’m going to be trying some new things, building some canvases for the coming year and getting ready for an all out art attack this spring and summer. Feeling inspired by all the creative people around me these days.



Just a few images from the past month or so. It’s been a busy one, but a great one filled with old and new friends and new experiences. Take a look and get ready for some new stuff coming up on the horizon.








Quick Mural Project

Big Commerce emailed and asked if I could fly to San Francisco and paint a mural in their new office on Folsom Street. Of course, my answer was “Hell yes!” Only stipulation was it had to be done in three days. I brought along Jess to assist in this daunting task and we cranked it out with a little time to spare.

Thanks to Big Commerce for the opportunity to do this rad project.



Working with Chucks

Big thanks to Converse for inviting me to participate in a Chuck Hack event at the Fader Fort this year for SXSW. Also, big thanks to VocalNYC and Amplify for managing and taking care of us artists during the event.

We were stationed in our own workshop right in the middle of the madness.


I worked on some different techniques and gave away some patches to all that came through.


I even got to sew one on (nervously) to OG Slick‘s personal jacket and start out the wall with some tags along the original himself.



There was a bunch of rad artists work up there, including this mural section by artist Sophie Roach.


There was also an appearance by Futura himself. I missed out on meeting him in person, but just seeing his custom kicks hanging near mine was enough to be a little star struck.


All in all, it was a super rad time and I was stoked to get to personally meet Erik Parker and Sterling Bartlett, pictured below with Sarah and Miriam from Vocal NYC.


Super rad times, you guys. Thanks again.



Converse Chuckhack

SXSW 2014 at the Fader Fort


Very excited to be hacking some Converse this year at the Fader Fort. I’m going to be doing some mild customization of Chucks with denim, paint and patches. Here is my first round demonstrating the techniques I’ll be using. Come out to the Fader Fort on Wednesday or Saturday to check out the demo.

New Surroundings

After almost two years working in my house, I’ve got my own space now. Bearded Lady invited me to help build out a little space in the back of their shop and I’m now working here during business hours and longer most weeks. We’re still working on finishing some aspects of the build out, but I had to get in here and get moving for the upcoming festival and busy season.

Shoot me an email and stop by soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how working outside of the house effects my work and business in general. Super excited for this new change!




You’re Here during SXSW

Thanks to Michael over at Attendance Records, I got to make some artwork for their event during SXSW coming up. Attendance provides public school students a place to channel their voices by granting them access to tools and education for music, art, and writing. Sounds like a great cause to me.

Click here to RSVP to the event

Learn more about Attendance Records


From Attendance Records, Pop Press International, Accrue Cassettes, Western Dynamo, Mama Bird Recording Co., Estuary Recording Facility and punctum records:

A two-day Music and Interactive Showcase in East Austin.

Two stages and over 30 bands.
Free Beer and local favorite, Frank, on-site.

Mirah | Pure Bathing Culture | Roger Sellers | Quiet Life | Saintseneca | RF SHANNON | Young Tongue | El Campo | Shivery Shakes | Mother Falcon | Aisha Burns | Jess Williamson | The Eastern Sea | MARMALAKES | Jason Anderson | VIKESH KAPOOR | Good Field | Walker Lukens Music | ועדת חריגים Vaadat Charigim | The Loblolly Boy | Cumulus | Boonesboro | Growl | Widower | The Pine Hill Haints | Pageantry | Feverbones | MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR | Greg Mullen and the Cosmic American Band | SUN CLUB | Little Lo | Heatwarmer | The Blank Tapes

Yellow Jacket Birthday

Super excited for my friends over at Yellow Jacket Social Club and their third birthday party coming up. I’ve been lucky to do some flyers for these rad folks for the past couple years. Here’s to another three!


Little Barrel and Brown

Just wrapped up a website for a great spot to get some good food on South Congress. The logo was made by great artist, illustrator and designer, Abi Daniel and we collaborated on the look of the website with some old newspaper graphics, collage-styled by myself.

Visit the website and go get some food soon: Little Barrel and Brown



T Cannon Media

A good friend asked me to help out with his brand and website. Tyler does publicity for a bunch of rad musical acts around the nation. Check out the new website and get in touch with Tyler for all your PR needs.

Here’s the final logo and website we came up with:

Some process sketches:


What’s happening?

Dang! Time is flying already.

I didn’t even get in a New Year’s post this time around. Happy New Year!

Things are cranking along over here. I’ve updated the website to be responsive and am currently revamping the projects section to display some projects I completed this past year. Super excited to show you and also looking forward to new projects this year.

I’ve got some big announcements coming soon!

For now, go check out this show on Wednesday. I made this poster for my buddy Nate and Bearded Lady are printing up some copies.


Commission for Brett

I just completed this commission for my buddy Brett. This painting took a long time to form into what you see here. If you took and x-ray of this, you’d see about twenty paintings underneath what this is now. Glad to get to a point where I have to send it off. Phew!

Handplayed by Moniker Guitars

I was super lucky to work on this rad project with the dudes over at Moniker Guitars this year. We went to the opening this past weekend and saw all of the amazing works by each artist. They were really awesome and every one different in their own way. Big thanks to Kevin and Brett over at Moniker for putting this rad event together.

You can still bid on the guitars and raise money for Austin musicians by clicking over here: BID NOW!

Here are some shots of the guitar by Moniker