American Canning


Very happy to have helped the good folks at American Canning get a new website up. We worked with their existing brand and cleaned up a few things, but focused on creating a simple site. We came up with a few new brand graphics to start to shape the brand and did some photography of the cans.



Visit the site:

American Canning

Beer, horses, wood and tapes

Yep, we’re in Texas. I’ve been sweating away with the rest of the folks down here this summer. Very happy to have been working with American Canning and Kartwheel Co. on some projects that will be coming to life very soon. I’ve got a bunch of rad things coming up to finish off the end of the year, so get in touch if you have anything cool to work on!

In the meantime check out some work below and go to these rad events:

A sneak peek of the first round of Astral Spirits tapes. We stuck with a super simple design so the tapes have a cohesive look and hopefully push people to collect them as they are released.


Some of the tapes will come with a mini-poster.


Pick these tapes up and go see some rad bands:

Astral Spirits and Monofonus Press
Two nights of music at Hotel Vegas and Scoot Inn



Healing for Horses
Fundraiser at Yellow Jacket

Make sure to get out and support this rad cause coming up at Yellow Jacket Social Club.

Healing with Horses Ranch is a 501(c)(3) therapeutic riding facility that provides safe, affordable, Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) to individuals with physical, cognitive or emotional challenges to promote healing and independence.

Summer Update

It’s pretty warm outside. We’ve been lucky to only have a handful of 100+ degree days this summer which is a nice change. I’m back in the swing over here with a couple projects wrapping up and a few more in the works.


I’ve been enjoying working over at Bearded Lady, both for and with them on a bunch of different things. We updated the website with some new photos of what they’ve been working on.

Go take a look.


Another fun project, this time with Shannon, Darrin and Mancub up at YJSC. Over many beers, we hatched up some designs riffing on the Saints and Star Trek. We’ll print up some t-shirts just in time for football season.


Other than that, I’m trying to have a summer and relax when I can.

Get in touch for any new projects you have upcoming in the fall and stay cool.


Motherbrain and Cheltron

Finally getting around to posting some other photos. While I was in New York, I got to hang with good friends Cheltron and Motherbrain, aka, Michelle and Jeremy. We went to a Bastille Day event and then went and saw Jeremy’s show at Le Petite Mort.






Fun times with these two rad ones. Word on the street is that they may move back down to Texas.