Author: maseman

A final year update

It's getting harder and harder to keep things updated over here.

I'm working full-time with my good homies at Land, making patches for Elmer Gomer any chance I get, and hanging with my family and friends the rest of the time. This year has brought quite a bit of change, but I couldn't be happier about where things are going and can't wait to see what next year holds. Here are some photos from 2017. Cheers to 2018.

Spring in Texas


Soaking up the best weather while we can. A lot has been going on, so I thought I'd throw together a mini-update of some images from this Spring and some updates on work related things. Hope you are well and living your dreams.





Been doing a lot of late night hours in the studio when I get off work and enjoying my sweet little spaceship in the backyard. I've only got a limited time here, so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.




Other work updates


Introducing PIN, mascot for Pinhead Pedals. I jammed on this with Tim, who runs Pinhead Pedals to represent his electronic endeavors in Oakland, California. Check him out on Instagram and look for more of PIN's adventures coming soon.


I'm enjoying my new part-time job at Tillery Street Plant Company. Stop by sometime and see all the plants and the new shed coming together. Here's Vinny and me in front of the wall we built.


Been cranking along with the embroidery these days. I'm excited to be collaborating with a bunch of rad folks on some one-of-kind and limited edition stitched goods. First up, Sidewinder Goods and Elmer Gomer teamed up on this custom patch available on their website.

Don't miss out, this will never be available again! Limited to 20 patches. Pre-sale until April 6th.


I've also been lending a hand over at the Land shop doing some odds and ends and helping out where I can. I'm excited to be branching out a bit and mixing up my day to day with a bunch of new projects. Stay tuned for more updates down the line.




Until next time, friends.