Hello Maseman is the work of Mason McFee, an artist and designer.

Mason has worked with a variety of clients, including Element, Converse, G-Shock, Frank151, Forestbound, Kartwheel Craftsmanship, American Canning, Astral Spirits, Big Commerce, Shiner Beer, Alamo Drafthouse, Design Good, Birds Barbershop, Getaway Motor Club, Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Bearded Lady, Cornerstone Productions, Domy Books, Fader Fort, TDK, Islands Fold, Grass Hut, Museums Press, Good Press Gallery, Wooden Toy Magazine, Tribeza Magazine, AGLIFF, Spartan, Bows+Arrows, Dublab, Crooks, Iron Age, Guns of Navarone, Cyclopean Records, Style X, 1080, Pump Project, The Hideout, HOPE Campaign, Toms and more.

Interested in the past, present, future, science, mystery, nature and the unknown, Mason is inspired by the graphics and popular culture that he has been surrounded with during his life. A doodler and drawer since his early days, Mason combines his love of hand drawn and hand built objects with a knowledge of computer graphics and production processes.

Mason spent his childhood in a small town in Texas where he collaborated on projects like building tree houses, rolling giant boulders down hills, building skate ramps and jumping bikes into creeks.

He played varsity basketball in high school, drove a 1971 VW and worked as a cave tour guide for multiple years. After graduating from the university, he spent seven years designing and art directing at an Austin ad agency.

Outside of commissions and his personal work, he contracts for a variety of businesses in Austin and elsewhere, creating artwork, design and projects for print and the web.

Some highlights from the past

In 2014, G-SHOCK commissioned Mason to create an original artwork inspired by camouflage for an activation in Dallas and New York. Working with Frank151, Mason created artwork that was applied to a zine, t-shirts and other items which were released in the two cities at launch events.

In 2013, Mason and Rich Cali collaborated on a mural at Fun Fun Fun Fest for Birds Barbershop and Shiner Beer. In 2013, Mason was also a guest contributor for the blog Doodlers Anonymous. Click here to read his posts.

In 2012, he designed and painted a mural in Birds Barbershop’s Burnet location with assistance from Abi Daniel, Aldo Ramos and Anna Gogusey.

In 2010, along with artist and designer Jessica Rose Clark, he co-founded CRUMMY HOUSE, a small print collective that creates small run prints and zines.

Mason collaborated in 2009 with designer and fabricator David Clark on Euclid Meets Cumberland, a pop-up art show.

From 2005 to 2012, he was an art director and designer at an Austin start up advertising and design shop, where his work helped the company achieve many advertising awards. While at the agency, he helped the company form an annual art publication which was distributed at launch parties and included entries from around the world.


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